Time to Celebrate!

2022 – The Faders

Time to be grateful for pandemic is lessening. Milestone birthdays and graduations filled our calendar. Being able to actually be with family and friends, wonderful!


Alex Honold and Edie Juno engaged and set wedding date for September 2023.

Deb celebrated number 60 in style. Zarina’s basketball and Max’s soccer consume all of Deb’s free time.


Valentine’s Tradition at Bob and Toby Klines is a red letter event.


The featured event was Al/Alfie’s 95th. Weekend retreat in Naples with our adult children was amazing. The Tribute Letter so many of you participated in is a treasure, thank you.


Celebrating Passover at Michael and Carole’s was beyond wonderful.


Tiger T turned 21 celebrating with his friends at U of Colorado in Boulder. He is a senior majoring in business and finance.

Hannah is 35, how did that happen? Her sense of humor and the stories she tells about her grooming experience and the different dog personalities are priceless.


The brother sister team… Zachery graduated from Trinity College in San Antonio and is now working in IT business in Nashville. Elizabeth graduated from high school in June, turned 18 in August, and is a freshman at University of Oregon.

Turning 85 in June was a time spent with our adult children followed by lunch with Cleveland friends, and lastly a special trip down memory lane, dinner, and theatre with Bryan, Carole and Michael. Can we do it again at 86?


Max’s birthday is July 1st. Now fifteen he is counting the months until he gets his temporary drivers’s license. Knowing how conscientious Max is, he will be the best driver on the road.

We got a glimpse of Seth, “Mr. Rendon”, teaching math to eighth graders at the summer program, Aspire, at Hathaway Brown. Seth is a sophomore at Duke.

Benjamin came to Cleveland with his girlfriend Carrie. Carrie is from Michigan and played in the Michigan Marching Band, how could we not love her immediately.


The Purple Project fund raiser was sponsored by Michael at Forward in memory of Alyssa’s friend Carmen. A shout out to my friends who supported this event.

Having a chance to listen to Michael Rendon and his group play on a beautiful sunny day at Michael’s Welcome to the Farm in the Flats was magical.


A long time to wait for a total knee replacement but so worth it! Thanks to my wonderful husband and caregiver, Al, and my surgeon Dr. Silver and the support of family and friends.

Bryan was the go to guy helping with all that I needed during recovery. A far cry from being my Sunday golf partner but appreciated. Tov Da


Over the past several months we have been blessed with having Michael’s oldest daughter reach out to our family. Charissa and Dan Wolfe have three wonderful boys, Robbie, Chris and Jessie. We are so lucky to have them in our life.

It is always a treat to have Steve visit. An opportunity to catch up with him as well as an update on Dylan’s academic and fraternity life at Georgia Tech. Dylan turned 21 in October.


Carole celebrated 60 in Washington DC with her immediate family. It was a perfect weekend with fun and sun. Carrie always manages find time to do it all.



Thanksgiving a time to count our blessings. Surrounded by most of our grandchildren on a lovely day in Aurora it was awesome to say the least.



Always a race against deadline to pack up for Florida but, watching Zarina play at least one basketball game as a senior before leaving for Florida was a must. Z is the best player on her team scoring at least 30 points every game. Just 18 Z has become quite the leader.
A quick stop in DC to check out Lora’s new condo, Edie and Alex’s new apartment and being with Ashley and Daniel was wonderful respite in the chaos of closing up Cleveland.


Alyssa and Tiger skied my favorite mountain, Steamboat Springs, between school and working. Colorado has become their favorite home away from home.

As we approach 2023, we eagerly look forward to time with our Sarasota friends and family.
The Fader Inn is open for guests at 7905 Hampton Court, University Park. (The only requirement is Covid shots and boosters.)
We wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful New Year sans masks when possible!..

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