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‘Finished For You’ Packages

  • MemoirWorkbook.com ‘Finished for You’ Package* – starting at $197 for MemoirWorkbook.com members only… You provide the Word document generated by MemoirWorkbook.com and we will create a professional cover for your book, add page numbers to the Table of Contents, tweak any awkward page breaks, create a print-ready document, and order a proof copy of your book for you.*Proof copy will be printed with black ink. Color may be requested for an additional charge. Books over 300 pages will incur additional charges. Shipping addresses outside of the United States will be charged for postage.
  • ‘Finished for You’ Package* – starting at $297
    Memoir ServicesYou provide a digital document typed in a word-processor and up to 25 digital photos. We will format it, add page numbers, create a Table of Contents, and a professional cover for your book, PLUS, we create a print-ready document and order a proof copy of your book for you.

    *Photos will be placed at the end of appropriate chapters or in the middle of the book. For more photos or more specific placement, please contact us for an estimate.

Other Services

  • Transcription – We’ll take your handwritten memoir and type it into a digital format. We can save it and return it to you as a Microsoft Word document, an Open Office document, a Google Drive document or a plain text (.txt) document. We strongly recommend that you make a photo copy of every page before sending it to us.
  • Basic Copy Editing – An editor will correct spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar and minor problems with syntax.
  • Line Editing – Line editing includes basic copy editing plus additional attention to word choice, sentence flow and paragraph structure.
  • Deep Editing and Organization – Includes basic copy editing and line editing plus the editor will check facts and make suggestions for improving the clarity and overall flow of your memoir. Changes will be suggested for awkward sentences, repetition and clarifying context. Sections may be rearranged, chapters may be added or removed and chapter titles might be reworked.
  • Multimedia Package – We will make a movie out of your photos and voice recording.

Please let us know how we can help . We will be discuss your needs and provide an estimate or a quote for our services.

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