Save Often and Have a Backup Plan…

Stuff happens... Sometimes it's minor – like your computer locks up when you've forgotten to save that last hour of writing because you were on a roll. Or worse, your hard drive goes bad and the only copy of your entire life stories project is not able to be recovered. I admit that I've lost an hour or more of work on my computer because I ...  Read More

Preserving Your Favorite Family Stories

When I think of my favorite family stories, they are almost always funny, and often the result of someone suffering significant embarrassment. Like the time my big sister wore a wrap-around dress that got stuck in the booth at the renowned Caesar’s Palace brunch. She didn’t notice it until she had nearly passed the entire booth next to ours and ...  Read More

Time to Dust Off My Gratitude Journal

I've been grateful for many things over the years and often just say it out loud. Sometimes, I write it down just to reinforce it. Lately, worry and anxiety are competing for time and space in my thoughts. I do my best to stay present but I am, by nature, a bit of a worrier. That's why I decided it's time to dust off my gratitude journal and ...  Read More

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