WYLS in 30 Days Resource Page

The following is a list of links from the MemoirWorkbook.com version of Write Your Life Stories in 30 Days workbook by Val Brennan. There is a separate Resource Page for the Word-Processor Version

Available Workbook Versions

  • Worksheet Version – for those who prefer writing with pen and paper.
  • Word-Processor Version – for those who will be typing as they go using a Word-Processor, like Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer, or LibreOffice Writer.
  • MemoirWorkbook.com Version – for those who will use the workbook in conjunction with MemoirWorkbook.com

Notes Before You Begin Section of Workbook

Choose Your Approach (Module #2)

MemoirWorkbook.com Set-up (Module #3)

Brainstorm Your Table of Contents (Module #4)

Fitting the Pieces Together (Module #9)

Expand Your Topics (Module #10)

Organize and Make Cuts (Module #11)

Calculate Your Daily Writing Quota (Module #12)

Write Your Quota (Modules #13, #15, and #17)

Choose Photos (Module #14)

Digitize Your Photos DIY (Module #16)

Organize Your Topics (Module #18)

Add Your Photos and Images (Module #22)

Edit Yourself – Level 1 (Module #20)

Edit Yourself – Level 3 (Module #23)

The Finish Line Module 

Complete List of Video Tutorials

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