Capturing Everyday Moments

1SE AppThere is a free app I’ve been using for a few months for capturing everyday moments. The app, 1SE or 1 Second Everyday allows you to choose one or two photos or 1-second video clips to represent any given day. It can play all the clips or clips from a date range as a movie to show you your life at a glance. It’s really quite amazing!

If you journal with any regularity, you already know the value of capturing snippets of your life. The 1SE app is an abbreviated way of recording memories and a wonderful option for those of us who struggle to make time for journaling. (Read my P.S. below to learn how I use the app.)

If you don’t journal and are not excited about the “1SE app, there is still plenty of room in between, for capturing everyday moments. Try writing ONE sentence rather than a full page in your journal… Or write a few sentences once a week, rather than every day.

Photo representing passage of time.By now you know that too many memories fade or simply disappear. Today may be forgotten by next Monday if you don’t take a moment to ask yourself what stood out.

At the very least, consider taking a minute or two every week to reflect and quickly record anything worthy of revisiting at some point in the future. If you take many photos with your smartphone, definitely give the 1SE app a try!

If you already know the value of capturing your stories regularly, why not pass it on to a friend or a young person who might be moving too fast to appreciate the special “ordinary” moments of life?

All the best,

Val B

P.S. Since I don’t take that many videos, I found the key to making the 1SE app work best for me was to set my iPhone to take “Live” Photos. Each time you take a photo when in this mode, it actually records one second of video before and after you snap the shot. The 1SE app lets you select a still photo, a “Live” photo, or a segment of a video to represent each day.

It is nothing less than AMAZING what happens when you hit the Play button on 1SE and watch a few weeks, months, or a year or more replay. It brings back more memories than you can imagine!

Let us know what you think!


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