What’s Stopping You From Writing 15 Minutes Today?

What's stopping you from writing 15 minutes today?This is not a judgment. It is not a question designed to make you feel guilty, so please don’t. The reason I’m asking what is stopping you from writing 15 minutes today, is to get you to think about and answer it honestly.

Most of you will say you were too busy. That’s a legitimate reason. However, when was the last time you weren’t busy? I can’t imagine how old I would be when I finished my memoir if I waited for days that were not “too busy” in order to sit down and write.

It’s all about priorities. We all have a very limited amount of “disposable time”. If you’re trying to preserve some of your life stories, it’s important to make sure it’s really something you want to do. Think about the reasons you decided to write your stories in the first place. If you are not exactly sure what your reasons are, print the Define Your Life Stories Worksheets and get clear on the Who and Why sections.

If you conclude that writing your stories is a priority and “now” is the right time to do it, schedule writing time on your calendar and honor those appointments.

Let me know below if you already schedule time to write on your calendar or if you are going to start.

All the best,

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