What is Autobiography?

Autobiography is a non-fiction writing genre. However, people asking the question "What is autobiography?" are often wanting to know the specific characteristics that make autobiography different from other non-fiction genres like memoir. So first take a look at the definitions. Autobiography (definition from Dictionary.com) - a history of a ...  Read More

FREE REPORT: Preparing to Write Your Memoir

Sometimes the biggest obstacle to writing a memoir or autobiography is getting started. This short report will help you build the momentum you need to get you excited and writing before you know it. Here's what's inside: Suggestions for creating a Memoir Kit so you can stay organized and focused Brainstorming ideas and suggestions ...  Read More

“Get it Done! Memoir Workbook”

If you are thinking of writing a memoir or autobiography to share with your family and friends, we think you will love the Get it Done! Memoir Workbook with hundreds of questions and prompts to help jog your memories. This workbook by Val Brennan, will reach even the far corners of your memory and will likely awaken memories you haven't thought of ...  Read More

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